TO My Friends The fairys

2 10 2009


I found a note today. It was tucked inside a crudely folded envelope of lined paper, once upon a time stuck together with a speck of tape, the tape has fallen away, just the dirty glue remains.

to my friends, the fairys

I handed it to the author, my daughter. After what seemed like an eternity, this is what she read to me, with sorrow pulling at the corners of her eyes.

open note to fairys

Envelope address : To My friends, The fairys


TO Fairys

1. Mum and Dad together
2. A Better home
3. No bad people
4. A HAPPY world
5. be better at school
6. Have more friends
7. Take more care of myself

please come true

~apple1 (written at 10 years old)


there are no words that can give justice to her plea as I kneel at the Well of Sorrow, but I feel like I have read something infinitely precious, a bright jewel with an aura that has lit a corner of my soul forever. I have stuck her wanting words upon the walls of my heart with new tape, and have vowed to the fairys that she called upon, to make things better and better and better.





One response

3 10 2009

Lovely. Your words touched the softest place in my heart. I do believe in fairys, especially those heart-grown, such as these fairys — your daughter’s and this post. I look forward to spending more time reading about your sparkling perspective on life. What a gift! Thank you.

~Pam (aka furyu_me)

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