About Lily

This is a space for meandering and lighting lanterns in the dark. I am first and foremost a child of the earth and i believe in many things. I believe in you, and lightning and mountains, nature is my friend, and i, natures. I am comfortable in my skin, mostly, i like lavender and chocolate and music from all decades. I keep bottles of coloured water on my kitchen window sill to capture the sunshine.  My favourite colour is purple, just because. I value people, the earth, animals, art, poetry, literature, and freedom. I am a gypsy, i have left stories tacked to many trees.


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27 05 2010
Paulo Gregory

Clearly the Sun put the glazed ball called Earth on her window sill to collect your light!

27 05 2010

Clearly you have offered up some beautiful words to me.

27 05 2010
Paulo Gregory

Well then, it is obviously long over due! Sorry we didn’t make it sooner. But glad to have finally found my Sister.

29 05 2010


19 09 2010

Thanks. That windowsill line (ehm) just spawned something else for me, which is always a gift.

Lily, are you a swede (just curious)? (boat pictures look like swe archipelago)…

27 09 2010

Always happy to be of inspiration. Wow, looks like Sweden? really? Not a swede, i’m australian. Those pics were taken in Port Phillip Bay. (Victoria coastline). Looking forward to getting back there. very.soon. Please come back and share a link to your windowsill spawnings. 🙂

13 02 2011


i missed you for a while, glad to see your still providing sunshine to those of us who didn’t expect it.

your poetry-twister in arms,


24 02 2011

hello Opto of japanese jazz funk fame! it’s always nice to be missed, and it’s been a while since the new years eve party, i recall a little table dancing (not me of course lol). so good to see you here in this big stream with all the other salmon.

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