Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (recovery mix)

26 12 2011

Stare at it Chantel!

Feet up, I am relaxing and unwinding  from all the headiness of Christmas Day and the madness leading to it. (Next year this will not happen, I swear.) I am reminiscing and in recovery mode, I now have the giggles as I look through the pictures I took on the day. This one has had me falling about laughing. I can’t believe I said this to my niece as she was waiting for a piece of the Pav she watched her cousins decorate.

 ‘Stare at it Chantel!’

and she did, for a full 30 seconds I reckon.

hahahahahaha Am I bad? ><

all in the name of a good pic of course, poor kid!

(hungry 5 year olds can be very obedient.)