Overkill, kitchen tables, whirlwinds

25 07 2011

Are you ready for a little rumble, a lick of ricochet, a tad of whirly-gig? Cool!

Does the world seem bigger to you now than ever before? It does to me. With the onslaught of social media, we have become addicted to needing to know what’s going on in the world 24/7, and now with today’s modern technology, we can and do, often. I think the days are long gone when mum hushed the children so that dad could watch the news after work. Dad has already smart-phoned in his news during the day, or someone filled him in over lunch. Breaking news has a way of leaking into every boardroom, lunchroom, shopping centre, and don’t forget the children with internet mobile; the school playground.

I fear for the de-sensitization of our souls as we continue to drink NEWS, data, information and images images images. I wonder have we become numb as the layers that lay upon our compassion become heavy with information overload? I want to go back to the days when people met up at kitchen tables and cafes, talked face to face, where understanding can grow and laughter can be heard, not imagined. Where inflection and gestures and body language add to the mix of communication and the world becomes clearer, with less room for awkward gaps, confusion, silence and misunderstandings.

Enter Google+. After not too much thought and reading, I concluded a big loud NO and an enthusiastic ‘enough already!!’ There is already a glut of noise on the internet. Admittedly I was curious to have a squizz (look), but i’m comfortable in my refrain and will stick with my twitter bytes and the occasional facebook flutter. And really [really] in the arena of many echoes, my real life is screeching the loudest of all.

For those who read me here, (as sparingly as I post), I hope when this storm settles, to get back here and write about a lot of things I have on my mind, things I have experienced of late (grief, ‘refugee’ memories, solitude, illness, friendships, raising sensitive children, the status of poetry). Forgive me friends for the self indulgent survival trekking i’ve been on, and thank you for allowing me to wander off into the dark dunes (special thanks for those keeping an eagle eye on me in the desert). I seem to be finding ‘a way’. 

It’s a curly time, and I’m caught up in whirlwinds hurtling me across landscapes I never knew existed.