Overkill, kitchen tables, whirlwinds

25 07 2011

Are you ready for a little rumble, a lick of ricochet, a tad of whirly-gig? Cool!

Does the world seem bigger to you now than ever before? It does to me. With the onslaught of social media, we have become addicted to needing to know what’s going on in the world 24/7, and now with today’s modern technology, we can and do, often. I think the days are long gone when mum hushed the children so that dad could watch the news after work. Dad has already smart-phoned in his news during the day, or someone filled him in over lunch. Breaking news has a way of leaking into every boardroom, lunchroom, shopping centre, and don’t forget the children with internet mobile; the school playground.

I fear for the de-sensitization of our souls as we continue to drink NEWS, data, information and images images images. I wonder have we become numb as the layers that lay upon our compassion become heavy with information overload? I want to go back to the days when people met up at kitchen tables and cafes, talked face to face, where understanding can grow and laughter can be heard, not imagined. Where inflection and gestures and body language add to the mix of communication and the world becomes clearer, with less room for awkward gaps, confusion, silence and misunderstandings.

Enter Google+. After not too much thought and reading, I concluded a big loud NO and an enthusiastic ‘enough already!!’ There is already a glut of noise on the internet. Admittedly I was curious to have a squizz (look), but i’m comfortable in my refrain and will stick with my twitter bytes and the occasional facebook flutter. And really [really] in the arena of many echoes, my real life is screeching the loudest of all.

For those who read me here, (as sparingly as I post), I hope when this storm settles, to get back here and write about a lot of things I have on my mind, things I have experienced of late (grief, ‘refugee’ memories, solitude, illness, friendships, raising sensitive children, the status of poetry). Forgive me friends for the self indulgent survival trekking i’ve been on, and thank you for allowing me to wander off into the dark dunes (special thanks for those keeping an eagle eye on me in the desert). I seem to be finding ‘a way’. 

It’s a curly time, and I’m caught up in whirlwinds hurtling me across landscapes I never knew existed.   




7 responses

26 07 2011
Demon Lily

Hi! Yes, I hear you loud and clear… just recently severed social networking myself. There IS too much noise and static… May whirlwinds settle and bring you back to your beautiful quiet poetry. Bless x

26 07 2011

Yes may they! (whirlwinds settle) 🙂 Thank you S, I’m carving out some peace & quiet, I must say it’s very refreshing in the true sense of the word. Maybe my muses will return, maybe they had been scared away. Nice you visited my little corner of the world. Hope you’re well and keeping warm. Bless! xo

29 07 2011
Demon Lily

*broad grin* Yes, those muses are slippery beasties at times, although I’m pretty sure mine are hibernating in front of a warm fire somewhere… so if you can’t beat them! Stay warm and happy 🙂 xox

30 07 2011

oh! well I’m with you and the muses by the fire then, armed with a nice Brown Bros Port to boot.
To warm our innards down to our boots, ya know. 😉
See? Winter forces upon us these drastic guilty pleasures. haha

30 07 2011

ps. As IF I can afford Brown Bros Port! dream on lightpurse lol

4 08 2011

I blog a lot and talk about a lot of news issues with other bloggers I know but I agree that sometimes we are oversaturated with information. I got depressed about a year ago and my doctor said – ‘Stop reading the news.’ She told me a lot of people now suffer from information fatigue. I can see it. We have access to a lot more information now which can sometimes be exhausting.

I’m looking forward to reading more of your work!

14 08 2011

Hi Selma. Finally got back here to reply to you. As you know I’ve been in hospital, so thanks for your patients. Patients. get it, get it?! haha

Anyway, my curiosity spillethed over and I had a look at google+. I have about 20 people there in circles I’ve called The Artists, The Poets, The Photographers, etc and also a few friends. I don’t go there much, but it’s nice to have one place where I can view ‘just art’ or ‘just poetry’ etc, depending on my mood.

I admit to being a bit of a tv head. It was suggested to me also to not watch the News. I’ve weaned myself off it and I turn it off A LOT. It’s not healthy to have a barrage of bad news weaving it’s way through your day, I feel MUCH better without it. Something in me tried to make me feel very guilty about doing that at first, not any more. It’s not about not caring, it’s about caring for one’s psyche, creating space around it so it doesn’t lose perspective.

I’d like to see more good news stories, I mean, where’s the balance! I’ve also cut down on social media full stop, concentrating on output rather than soaking up all the data, which at saturation point really just leads to a head full of swimming words. I’m aiming to create space around me so that what needs to come forward, will. Thanks for visiting Selma, I always love to see what you are creatively up to as your email comes through when you’ve blogged. Chimney Pots! oh the stories they could tell. 🙂

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