Fragments of Christmas

22 12 2010


The note on the back door said it all: ‘You cut me down, made me beautiful & adored me, then you threw me on the bonfire. I feel so used‘.


At least you don’t get pulled until you pop said the bon-bons. At least you don’t get left on the plate said the mince pies.


Fairy lights draped over the neighbors hedge. neon blue, stop light red.


‘Can we plant the tree after christmas Mum? you know, recycling’. ‘No dear, we’ll have a bonfire after the bushfire season is past’.


Fake tree branches fallen, missing lights, baubles under the couch, creased stockings, broken angel in the nativity set. Santa was disgusted.


His favourite, a lamb roast, he wipes his chin as she nervously eyes the presents under the tree, spilling a little whiskey as she pours.


Finally under the weight of all the tinsel, his mind collapses, defaults to reverse and is towed off to the junkyard of broken lights.


On Christmas morning she heard scratching noises in the hall, bundled near the door was a pile of tree baubles.The Earth ones.


Memories of Christmas are bittersweet, like Moonface from the Enchanted Forest sucking on that lolly, sweet, sour, sweet, sour.


The look on her face could have sunk the Titanic, but she forced a smile & said thank you, just what I wanted. A self-help book, & deodorant.


You are positively glowing, she thought as she saw her reflection in a christmas bauble. Then she remembered the tree lights were still on.


~lily © 2010

excerpts from @myarspoetica, twitter




2 responses

29 12 2010

This is so good. There certainly is a bittersweet component to Christmas. I like the mention of Moonface and the thread of humour that runs throughout. Brilliant!

29 12 2010

Hi Selma, thanks for tuning in to my frags. Some things that happened in December were so stressful I had to make merry to get through it. Glad to hear someone remembers Moonface, I was fascinated by his lolly stash as a kid. But then again, kids, lollies 😉

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