The Wonderful Adventure of a Motley Crew with Dolphin Fever

17 04 2010

One thing about living with depression, is that when joyous moments arrive, you consider them absolutely precious, a blessing to be cherished. I was fortunate enough to be invited on a twilight sail with my brother, the sailor. He lives and breathes boats, really.  (Skandia crew member)

Bro, the Sailor

I was told it was a race, but really the races had finished the week before, and they just wanted to keep on racing.  During the afternoon leading up to race time (5pm) I was nervous, as my last time on a yacht down here, ended up with me holding my belly and offering the contents of my tummy to the ocean. That’s a nice way of saying I was sick.

To pass the time, I wandered along the pier with my bro, who introduced me to the Mussel Boat man. We had a toasted sandwich and coffee on the yacht, I talked to a man fishing for squid (they always have great stories the pier fishers). Then I took pictures of the yacht, the crew, my brother, the moody sky, and sent them through the airwaves to share with my online friends at twitter.


Suddenly it was time to rug up, to meet the crew, to listen to a few instructions, and we were away. I do not have sea legs, so the butterflies in my tummy were fluttering wildly as I sipped (perhaps gulped) on my water bottle, waiting for push off.  I looked up at the ominous sky as we tacked our way out of the harbour towards the setting sun. I was quiet at first, taking it all in, the sounds, the smell, the chatter of the crew, the deep dark sea, the breaking waves.

I turned to the Skipper, “maybe we might see dolphins!”.  “Well they are out here, sometimes”, he said, “In fact we ordered them for 5.30” and winked. That was all I needed to hear, now this wasn’t just a rock and roll ride to be endured, suddenly it was an adventure.

The 'Seduction' Crew

Suddenly, I heard a squeal from the girl next to me, sure enough, the dolphins were right along side the yacht, three of them, darting from left to right. One dolphin settled into a nice groove, right under our feet (which were dangling over the side). At one stage, the dolphin turned on it’s side to look up at us, my smile couldn’t have been any bigger. By this time, I am completely filled with wonder, and sharing this wonder with people I had only met that afternoon. Nature bonds people. The dolphins stayed for about 10 minutes, but long enough for me to take some pictures and phonecam footage. Perhaps not “the best footage of this dolphin” but you can make it out. Starts slow, but wait for it. Sorry about my squealing! To view the Twidvid, go here >>

Sunset Dance

There were no ocean offerings, no butterflies, just elation. I am ecstatic about my little adventure on the twilight seas, and grateful for the privilege to this little sunset dance we were blessed to witness, simply ecstatic!

waving, not drowning




15 responses

17 04 2010

Wow, what an incredible adventure! And that dolphin picture, breathtaking!

17 04 2010

It’s not exactly the high seas (glad) but it was so much fun! I only took 3 pictures, so glad 1 turned out, these creatures are fast!! Thanks for sharing the joy Sam.

18 04 2010
Amy Palmer

Lily that sounded so wonderful! I’m glad you got to experience the sheer joy of it.

18 04 2010

Hi Amy, nice to see you here. Joy isn’t an every day thing, am grateful to have it buoy me for a while, pardon the pun.

26 04 2010

I’m glad i got to experience them too! the memory of this day has invigorated my life some. Thanks for reading along Amy.

26 04 2010

Sounds like something I would be very jealous of! glad you enjoyed that experience, very refreshing, and, DOLPHINS!

26 04 2010

Hullo KJ, who would have ever thought i would see a dolphin for real, not me, that’s for sure. I hope one day you will find yourself in their delightful company too.

4 05 2010

Heeellloo Lilllyyy… sailing Lilly of the high seas… Wow. Seriously magical day. Seriously magical stuff.. for a seriously magical person. Couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of this…

love u.
Lilla x

4 05 2010

T’was a magical mystery tour for sure. For some reason unknown to me, but doesn’t really matter, the memory of this evening brings me spontaneous joy and vitality, such a gift for one so blue, some may even call it magical. So good to see you Lilla. BLESS!!

23 05 2010
Heidi Fischbach

Wow. I LOVED reading your adventure. Oh my. I was right there with you, almost. Thank you!

23 05 2010

Thank you for dropping by Heidi. I hope everyone can experience this at least once in their lifetime. They are truly amazing and curious creatures. I plan to visit the bay again for more sailing in the Spring.

27 05 2010

One word: Heavenly.

27 05 2010

It really was a slice of heaven, thanks for dropping by Annah 🙂

8 06 2010

Catching up on my reading and found my way here. What a wonderful adventure and an absolutely beautiful day. Write again soon please?
Diana605 🙂

25 06 2010

Thanks for visiting Diana, sorry it’s taken me a while to get here, winter has kept me non-busy. lol
Seriously, looking forward to getting out on the bay with the dolphins again. Bring on Spring I say!

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