bite on this

7 04 2010
i want to write a poem
for bees sake everyone else is
but my muse is being a
complete bitch
her arms full of fruit
she holds it close as
it spills over her arms
she drops me an apple
and teases, ‘here lazybones
bite on this’
even as i write this
i hear huffing
i am being ordered to dust
the shelves and put
back all the books i left
[an apple is fine by me]



8 responses

7 04 2010

Well, you sure threw her the apple back with this poem.
Beautiful and funny.

7 04 2010

haha why yes, yes i did didn’t i.. she is sulking now with a sore tummy, ate too many grapes!!!

7 04 2010
Brenda Mantz

I will carry “Bite on This” with me all day.

7 04 2010

why oh why do poems pop out like a ready pimple when you least expect them? wait, that was a gross analogy, see my muse hates me.. luverly to see you brenda x

10 04 2010

You shrew 😛 hahaha

10 04 2010

omg you should hear the names she calls me!! 🙂

19 09 2010

I really dug this. I particularly enjoyed the last line where the muse suddenly breaks in.

27 09 2010

Muses are brazen characters, they get stampy too. thanks for the read Anton.

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