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22 08 2009

Hell o o o World…..

Here I am, sitting crosslegged at the dashboard of my new mover off the block at WordPress. So far the gears have been easy to change, the seat is pretty comfortable, I even have a spoiler on the back, because spoilers are cool. I am stretching my legs with these words, and I can hear the cogs turning.

My purpose, which is still out to lunch, well at least my purpose here, is to share. To share some of the breezes that come off the vortex that is my ever moving mind. I have urns and urns of life experience, it would be selfish to keep them all to myself.

I will be posting random articles, on anything from new amazing art i’ve found, perhaps even some ephiphanies, most surely controversial subjects and definitely poetry and short stories, mine and others. I may just drift into a theme, not sure yet where this road will take me, and you as my passengers will no doubt inspire my direction.

I have been blessed with AMAZING friends, I want to introduce you to them too and hopefully be able to coax them into being a guest here. Among them are writers, poets, painters, photographers, musicians, broadcasters, all with fascinating stories. My dream is that for one day, we could all get together for a big party. The conversations would be better than chocolate!

As I am a very visual person, I will be dotting my blog with images of beauty, pain and every day people.

This Blog is under construction, so please bear with me as i…. find my bells, whistles and tambourine.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy my meanderings. Please feel free to comment, and be a part of this little house.





22 responses

22 08 2009
Amy Kiel

So happy to be here, along for the ride and paying visits to your most cozy of places. I plan to be a frequent visitor and I hope to not wear out my welcome!
Your words are so easy on my ears and good for my mind. Better than chocolate, indeed…

23 08 2009

1st comment, yay! I have a big comfy chair just for you Amy. So glad to see you here my friend ~ hugaroos ❤

23 08 2009

Lily, these pictures are “hautnah” as we say in German, to anyone who has witnessed the ravage of the forest fires. The regrowth from the embers is almost more tear-jerking than that of the smoke-filled eyes. Hope for the new born of the old. Good luck to you on this new road, too.

23 08 2009

G’day kathrin, and welcome to my bloggedy blog blog! Love how you related healing tears with smoke-filled eyes tears, from the same well, yet so different. I’m interested about the word ‘hautnah’ – is it a hopeful type of word in German? please sate the curious lily.

23 08 2009

Hi Lily
It is the first blog i have seen on the Victorian bush fires and it is a great reminder of the control that nature can have over us, People need to takes these tragedies and turn them into a positive for mankind. Everynow and then nature will stand up and say if the earth and its inhabitants are to be destroyed i can do it to and with as much ferocity as you may never imagine. Surely mankind can see this and limit its destructive nature with this kind of insight in to the pain this kind of destruction this causes us all. Thank you its a great blog and hopefully you get heaps of traffic as this is a great blog.
Regards Damien

23 08 2009

awesome to see you here Damo! You are so right about nature standing up for itself, when nature’s ferocity comes this close? you start to listen more. And nature is so loving and kind, they take us back as soon as we’re sorry and give us gifts like this (new growth) as a sign of forgiveness. i am constantly amazed by the love nature has for us, REGARDLESS of how we treat it. that is true unconditional love! Thanks for the well wishes mate 🙂

23 08 2009

My friend! how talented you are! I love you’re new blog! Cannot wait to see it evolve. Much success my friend!

23 08 2009

hey kim hey if you could hear how i say that, you would laugh lol – great to see you my friend, thanks for your blessings for Lily Live, mwah!

23 08 2009

Lils, this was so touching! I am moved deeply by what you have been through and want you to know I care about you. It is briliant of you to post these informative pictures and assist efforts for hopeful prevention. It is tragic. I have to also say here I can feel the essence of anything you write so clearly. Your voice is close and true. Your soul shines through every word and it is precious. Thank you for including me among the people you would like to share this with, I am honored by it, and I so look forward to reading anything you wish and to more sharing, as ever .. with light yours,
Love & Blessing dear one .. Debra Joy

23 08 2009

Debra, a joy to read you here dear one, thanks so much for your glowing words 🙂 I made a promise to myself to ‘myself be true’. I’m a bit rough around the edges, life has rendered me that. my hope here is to share my journey, hoping it will encourage others too. we are all in the same boat, together.

23 08 2009

Miss Lily, what a lovely fold inside your soul to share with all of us. Thank you for the invite. I will be back to check on you *hugs* =)

23 08 2009

Miss Lynette, i unfold with risk but the reward, so big! so happy for all the visits and comments, made me day it has! *nods* — be welcome any time

23 08 2009
Blanca Stella Mejia

Hi Lily…There is life after death…a life transformed. If we each could transform our own lives with clearer consciousness and vision, the world would transform easier. Easy to say…but the world is in the midst of this grand transformation. I observe the caterpillars in my garden every day and notice how they quietly move steadily towards their goal of becoming a butterfly. They know instinctively they will fly. I write about how you can’t fly broken, but through love and the collaberation of others…all can be healed, no matter what the circumstance…big kiss. @blancastella

23 08 2009

Blanca! yes! the instinct to fly, the knowing, the remembering. One thing these fires did was bring people together. Families that hadn’t spoken for years, were suddenly thrown together in grief and were forced to leave the past behind, and get on with being a family. Good can come out of bad. New leaves can grow on dead trees. Yes people can be healed, for me a slow process, but i believe in it, and re-believe often. Thanks so much for leaving your thoughts here Blanca. xo

23 08 2009
tony serve

Having your lovely voice in this new platform is a gift for all of us follow you on twitter (@lilyofoz)

We need more warmth and wit in the world and your new blog is sure to attract readers as it evolves.

Bless your efforts darlin’ – long may you run

tony serve @liloyofoz fan, and now lilylive fan!!!!!

24 08 2009

YAY tony’s in da house woot! lol – thanks my favourite wombat in the world. Look at all the beautiful people here Tones, i’m stoked!!

Now, can’t promise warmth and wit all tha time matey, but yeah spices of it fer sure. I think i was a jester in another life! people like you who let me be goofy and neurotic are to blame LOL (love it!!) loveNhugs to you and the 3 B’s xo

23 08 2009

Hey You ! :-))! LIly,,,I love the new blog,,,course I liked the old one also,,,will look forward to more from you. I love the photo of the newlife coming from out of the tree after the fire. Awesome Photos Lily! Take care,,Lance Greene(@Homelesscrisis)

24 08 2009

heya Lance, i think that tree is a little miracle, i love that tree!!! :)) are you feeling better? i hope so. so nice to see you here HUGS

24 08 2009
Sasha Kane

Hi Lily, really enjoyed my visit here. The photos are amazing. Am glad you started a blog to share your heart…Godd luck with it! Be Blessed!

25 08 2009

Thanks for stopping by Sasha, i will be writing in spurts as creative forces and energy allows. Many subjects i could cover, where to begin? blessings from this Oz heart

26 08 2009

Thank you for sharing.

Let your dreams unfold and amidst the splendor, let yourself unfold fully, trusting that everything will just be beautiful.

When the black dogs visit and you feel yourself in the dark, imagine
that it’s 3:00 in the morning…and the sun is about to shower you with
its abundant gift of light.

Light, laughter & love are my constant wishes for you.
-Angie (angels510)

27 08 2009

you are such a blessing Angie, thank you for the hope you share, and for being here. Hugs4U ❤

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